ASIC as a Custom House

The idea of design as functionability is central to our work. Every application that we create is made with its future users in mind: hence it is of utmost importance that the end-user is actively involved in the functional as well as the aesthetic process of the production.

We take pride in exclusively creating custom-made programs and web sites. We believe that in the long run our customers save both time and money by having things done correctly from the start.

What we can do for you

Our applications, created mostly with ASP, Excel, Access, and Visual Basic, are often linked to databases storing information. This is especially convenient when our customers' clients need to retrieve or input data over the internet, after first having logged in at a secure web-page.

We will also help you produce and design internet and intranet sites and portals.

We use an IBM main-frame to test-run all our applications before delivering them to our customers. We run IBM-AS, Application System, on the main-frame, using the VM/ESA operation system.

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